Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) is a Palm Oil Plantation Business System that is economically viable, socially, culturally, and environmentally friendly by statutory provisions.

ISPO Certification is a series of conformity assessment activities for Palm Oil Plantation businesses related to providing written guarantees that the products and/or governance of Palm Oil Plantations have met the ISPO Principles and criteria. ISPO objectives :

1. Ensure and improve the management and development of Palm Oil Plantations by ISPO principles and criteria.

2. Increase the acceptability and competitiveness of Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation products in national and international markets

3. Increase efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

ISPO certification is mandatory for all palm oil companies in Indonesia, including Indonusa Group as stipulated in the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 38/2020 on the Implementation of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil Certification. One of Indonusa Group's subsidiaries, PT HUK, achieved ISPO certification in 2020 and has since maintained regular ISPO surveillance. The certification process for PT HUK was carried out by PT AJA Sertifikasi Indonesia, a certified and accredited certification body registered with the National Accreditation Committee.

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