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Since 2009, Indonusa Group has embarked on the development of palm oil plantations in the East Tanjung Jabung District of Jambi (PT Indonusa Agromulia/”PT IAM”). Further, the Company has expanded its operations by developing palm oil plantations in the Musi Banyuasin and Banyuasin Districts of South Sumatera (PT Hamita Utama Karsa/”PT HUK”) and in the Merauke District of South Papua (PT Internusa Jaya Sejahtera/”PT IJS”). 

With a steadfast vision to become a sustainable palm oil plantation company, Indonusa Group is always committed to integrating sustainability into its operational activities. This commitment is reflected in our comprehensive Sustainability Policy, which outlines our approach to sustainable practice. Our Sustainability Policy provides guidelines for carrying out plantation operations, wrapping aspects such as legality, environmental and social responsibility, employment, and technical culture.

Indonusa Group currently operates two palm oil mills. One is located in PT HUK and is in operation, while the other is located in PT IJS  and is in the commissioning process. Each mill has a capacity of 60 tonnes of fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) per hour. The performance of Indonusa Group’s companies shows a consistently positive trend over time, both in terms of the expansion of land area and the production/yield of FFBs and Crude Palm Oil (CPO).


Starting to develop palm oil in Jambi – PT Indonusa Agromulia (PT IAM)

Indonusa Group expansion oil palm plantations in South Sumatra by acquiring PT Hamita Utama Karsa

PT Hamita Utama Karsa with new management from Indonusa Group planted new plant

Indonusa Group expansion oil plam plantations in Merauke – Papua under the name PT Internusa Jaya Sejahtera (PT IJS) and starts new plantings.

PT Hamita Utama Karsa commissioned the PKS which was established with a capacity of 60 tons/hour

PT Hamita Utama Karsa received ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) Certification.

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Becoming a Sustainable Plantation Company


Indonusa Group is committed to achieving sustainability by incorporating environmental and social aspects into its operations. Indonusa Group has made significant efforts to solidify our commitment to sustainability, including refraining from developing palm oil in conservation areas and peatlands, avoiding the use of fire during land preparation, and strongly opposing any form of labor exploitation. 

The Company pledges to actively participate in the palm oil industry and demonstrate its dedication to sustainable palm oil practice. This commitment is clearly stated in the Sustainability Policy along with its implementing instruments. This policy applies to all current and future business units of Indonusa Group.

In 2020, PT HUK obtained an Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate and underwent annual surveillance audits. Indonusa Group aims to fully implement the No Deforestation, No Peatland, and No Exploitation (NDPE) policy across its entire supply chain by 2023. Both of these initiatives reflect Indonusa Group's commitment to becoming a sustainable palm oil plantation company.