As part of its sustainability policy, Indonusa Group has established a robust grievance mechanism system designed to address concerns raised by stakeholders. A grievance refers to allegations of violations or complaints submitted by individuals or groups, seeking the Company’s intervention to address a specific issue.

To effectively address grievance, Indonusa Group has implemented a transparent grievance handling procedure. Any updates to this process are openly disclosed  on the Company’s website at ( In addition, to enhance effectiveness of this mechanism, Indonusa Group has incorporated the use of Grievance Validation Tools (GV-T).

PT IJS extends a warm welcome to representatives from the buyer (PT BIA) who are visiting to verify grievances raised by third parties


  1. An employee may lodhe a grievance either verbally to the LKS bipartite committee or in writing via the Suggestion and Grievance Box.
  2. LKS bipartite committee documents grievances using Grievance Form and Database.
  3. Grievances raised by employees are initially assessed to determine relevance to the Company's operations. Non-relevant grievances are not accepted/followed up
  4. If the grievance remains unresolved by Estate/Mill Manager, it will be escalated to the HR and GA departments and the Company's management.