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Indonusa Group owns 2 (two) Palm Oil Mill and 3 (three) oil Palm Plantation with total area of approximiately 20.000 Ha.

Continuous Improvement
In response to the growing global market in the palm oil industry grows, Indonusa Group has created so many innovations to enhance its operational activities. The innovations implemented include the procurement of mechanical machines for harvesting, yield transportation, and fertilising. Additionally, drones are used for crop surveillance and forest and land fire monitoring. These ground-level innovations implemented are continuously monitored and improved to obtain optimum result.

Implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP) in operational activities
In carrying out its operational activities, Indonusa Group applies best management practices ranging from land preparation, planting, care and fertilization, harvesting to processing FFB into CPO. Operational activities are carried out in accordance with guidelines, namely standard operating procedures that have been made. One example of its activity is fertilization activities that must be carried out in accordance with the 5T Principles (Tepat Jenis, Tepat Dosis, Tepat Waktu, Tepat Cara & Tepat Sasaran).

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PT Indonusa Agromulia


PT Hamita Utama Karsa

Capacity 60 Ton/Jam



PT Internusa Jaya Sejahtera

Capacity 60 Ton/Jam

Spraying Team

Fertilization Team

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Indonusa Group currently operates two palm oil mills. One is located in PT HUK and is in operation, while the other is located in PT IJS  and is in commissioning process. Each mill has a capacity of 60 tonnes fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) per hour. The performance of Indonusa Group’s companies shows a consistently positive trend over time, both in terms of the expansion of land area and the production/yield of FFBs and Crude Palm Oil (CPO).

The Company is committed to promoting sustainable palm oil production and sourcing while also prioritising the protection of HCV forests. This commitment applies to both our own plantations and third-party supply chains. We are also committed to ensuring traceability of our sources of supply and assisting suppliers adhering to our sustainability policy principles

All FFB suppliers to Indonusa Group mills is committed to complying with the sustainability policy outlined in the Cooperation Agreement between both parties. Suppliers are required to adhere to certain commitments, which include :

1. FFBs must be sourced from plantations that have proven their legality.

2. FFBs should not be sourced from protected areas, conservation areas, or any other areas where palm oil plantations are prohibited.

3. FFBs supplied to the Company mills are ensured to be free from theft or illegal acquisition.