Responsible Sourcing

The Company is committed to promoting sustainable palm oil production and sourcing while also prioritising the protection of HCV forests. This commitment applies to both our own plantations and third-party supply chains. We are also committed to ensuring traceability of our sources of supply and assisting suppliers adhering to our sustainability policy principles.

Region Area


Mill Name




Mill of PT HUK

 Musi Banyuasin – South Sumatra

ISPO certified


Mill of PT IJS

 Merauke – South Papua

ISPO certification plan in 2024

Ensuring Supplier Compliance with Sustainable Policy

All FFB suppliers to Indonusa Group mills is committed to complying with the sustainability policy outlined in the Cooperation Agreement between both parties. Suppliers are required to adhere to certain commitments, which include :

1. FFBs must be sourced from plantations that have proven their legality.

2. FFBs should not be sourced from protected areas, conservation areas, or any other areas where palm oil plantations are prohibited.

FFBs supplied to the Company mills are ensured to be free from theft or illegal acquisition.